About The Project

We are conducting a study called projectDRIVE, which is focused on teen driving safety. We are working with teen drivers aged 16 or 17 years who have a traffic violation and their parents. The goal of projectDRIVE is to determine the effects of an in-vehicle feedback device with and without parental communication training on teen’s risky driving events, unsafe driving behaviors, and subsequent traffic violations.

The in-vehicle feedback device we are using is from Azūga. It is small and easily plugs into most cars under the steering wheel. It can detect if the driver is speeding, braking too hard, or sudden acceleration. The Azūga device and the app do not pose any risk to the driver.

We will be randomly assigning participants to one of three groups. Some participants will receive feedback about their teens’ driving behaviors via a free Azūga smartphone app. Some parents will also be asked to participate in a one-on-one training session with a communication specialist via a video call. This training session will last approximately 30 minutes. The specialist will teach parents how to effectively communicate with their teen about driving safety topics.

Participation will last for six months. Thank you for your help and participation!